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Aflatoxin Kontrollsysteme

Angebot eines ital. Unternehmens

Die Firma TRI-ZOO bietet Aflatoxin-Kontrollsysteme an. Sollten Sie Interesse haben, so finden Sie nachstehend Informationen des Unternehmens bzw. bitten wir um direkte Kontkataufnahme:


„We are contacting your esteemed association to share with you the Aflatoxin control strategy our company adopted with great success in Italy, with the hope that you can find it interesting for your associates too.

TRI-ZOO is a trademark of Ruffato Italia srl, an Italian company for over 30 years engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products and technologies for the food industry.

Well-aware of the rising problem of mycotoxins in agriculture, since 2003 we are the market leaders in the manufacturing of special appliances for real-time detection of mycotoxins in foodstuff and grains.


To specifically solve the problem of Aflatoxins – a worldwide problem for the food industry – we present MONITOX, a series of new appliances for the monitoring and the real time visual detection of the Aflatoxin - producing fungus in grains, legumes, spices and nuts.

The proliferation of mycotoxins in foodstuff has become a worldwide problem, so much so that health authorities are more and more pushing harvesters, grain stores, food industries and all grain operators to be equipped with monitoring instruments to detect mycotoxins during crop acceptance and pre-drying, and during all the buying and selling process, in order to segregate any infected batch.


MONITOX:  a real help for evaluating in a few seconds the quality of the harvest.

Using  the UV ray (365 nm) feature to enlighten in a fluorescent color those grains infected by the Aflatoxin-producer Aspergillus, MONITOX is today the only system in the market able to determine in real time the presence / absence of contamination caused by mold development in maize and in different food matrices.

Developed in collaboration with multinational grain companies, MONITOX provides accurate qualitative analysis of Aflatoxins in the analyzed grain sample.


MONITOX  is especially strategic during harvesting and drying: during maize harvesting  each incoming maize batch has to be analyzed, but the length of time needed for ELISA, HPLC or lateral flow analysis is incompatible with the normal activity of a harvesting or drying centre.

That’s why it’s important to equip any agriculture operator with an instrument that -  although not giving a quantitative result  - is able to help the operator to make the correct choice in a few seconds.


Below is the correct analysis procedure we suggest:

1 ) sampling of every incoming batch;

2 ) visual analysis of each sample with the MONITOX 1000;

a) There are NO fluorescent kernels = the sample was not affected by Aspergillus, so it’s reasonable to think that the sample is free of Aflatoxins. The incoming batch can be downloaded.

b) There are more than 4 fluorescent kernels = the sample is not healthy and there are high chances that the sample has values of Aflatoxin > 20 ppb. The incoming batch is rejected or invited to download in an area used for the collection of non-compliant cereal.

c) There are 1,2,3 fluorescent kernels or every time there is a operator’s doubt = The batch is stopped and further analysis (LATERAL FLOW , ELISA or HPLC) have to be done.


For this reason, MONITOX 1000 is not replacing LATERAL FLOW, ELISA or HPLC analysis (that provide quantitative results), but rather fits in perfectly at the base of the analysis process . MONITOX covers the limits of the above mentioned technologies, providing greater sample representativeness (1 kg.  vs 50 gr.), and especially a higher speed (visible results in real time).


Because of these characteristics MONITOX 1000 is ideal as a preventive measure (direct analysis in the fields are possible), and during all the crop process, such as during the receiving of incoming batches, the production and all the phases before the sale of the finished product .


Another equally important aspect that we’ve seen in recent years is the ability of MONITOX to create a “culture of mycotoxins” in the entire production chain, from the farmer to the food industry. With MONITOX mycotoxins are no longer a mere number, but something visible and tangible. And nothing is more true than what the eye can see .


Last but not least is the strong pressure from local health departments and corn multinational corporations that led the industry to adopt our MONITOX  to guarantee the consumers’ health and for a higher quality of cereals.


We invite you to read the attached MONITOX presentation.

Clicking on the following link you can watch the tutorial video of Monitox 1000 and easily understand its working principles and features.

Please visit also our web site to easily and quickly download the technical and safety details of all our products.“


Laura Ruffato

Ruffato Italia srl

Viale dell’Industria 8b

35010 Curtarolo PD - ITALY

Tel. +39 049 9624277

Fax +39 049 9624307