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Application Form: Global Tech Connect UK CleanTech Bootcamp 2021

June 7-29, 2021

Welcome to the application form for the CleanTech Bootcamp 2021.

Sujet Global Tech Connect
© Global Tech Connect

Who’s it for?

Startups developing solutions in Cleantech/Green Growth/Sustainability and located in any of our ten GTC Partner countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Romania, Switzerland).

What you will learn

  • Understanding the UK Market – business culture, company formation, taxation, regulation
  • Fundraising journey – approaching investors, pitch decks, legal basics
  • Growth strategy – product market fit, value proposition, validation
  • Cleantech – UK sector knowledge and network, business partnerships, customer acquisition. 


Six online sessions, 7/8/14/21/28/29 June. Up to two people per selected company may take part. 

Selection Criteria

You will have a scalable business model, existing MVP, and you should be able to demonstrate commercial traction. An international cohort of 15 startups will be selected for the programme, multiple companies can be included from any partner country.

The cost of the programme, if you are selected, is free. However, a startup mentoring fee (max 150 EUR) may be applicable.

The form is hosted by GTC founding partner Advantage Austria. Please provide all details in English and fill out all sections of the form as this information is important for the startup selection process. Applications must be submitted by midnight (UK), Monday 10 May.

Note that all fields marked with * are mandatory. By submitting this form, you agree to the WKÖ/Advantage Austria Data Privacy Terms.

The CleanTech Bootcamp 2021 is delivered by Global Tech Connect UK. Global Tech Connect (GTC) unites UK-based international startup programmes and bilateral organisations to better support tech companies from their national ecosystems – those looking to enter, learn from or scale in the UK. By sharing knowledge, experience and expertise we strengthen ties between countries, expand startup networks, grow opportunities for entrepreneurs and foster international economic growth.

Important: Sometimes it takes longer to fill out the form. To prevent timeouts or data loss, please use the save button at the end. You will then receive an email with a link. When you are ready to continue, just click the link to reopen your form (Note: form data is stored for 24 days). 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
Thank you!

About your Company

Company Details

Social Media Details

Contact Information: Participant 1

Contact Information: Participant 2

About your Product / Business Model

Please be aware that the data collected on this company profile will be used to inform stakeholders of the startup ecosystem in London. By submitting your company’s profile, you agree that general company information submitted can be published to the media or to relevant bodies in London. If your startup is selected to participate in the CleanTech Bootcamp 2021, the above information will be shared with GTCUK members and our program partners, which is helping to facilitate a tailor made program to fit the participating startups’ needs. A startup mentoring fee (max. 150 Euro) may be applicable.

I confirm my availability for the program dates of June 7 – 29, 2021.