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The Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate® as a path to business and financial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills

Basic career competencies


At the turn of the millennium, the European Commission formulated “entrepreneurial skills” as one of eight key skills for lifelong learning. At the same time the member states were called upon to communicate these skills to young people by the end of their time in school. The European Commission has long supported the cause of Entrepreneurship Education. Within the strategic framework for European Education &Training 2020 as its 4th longterm strategic objective to enhance creativity and innovation including entrepreneurship on all levels of education.

Sound business and financial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills have therefore become a self-evident part of general education to an even greater extent in recent years. Today's challenges can be met if we have well educated citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit to think in new ways, who are innovative and able to create jobs in a dynamic economy. This will require young people who are willing to become entrepreneurs OR who will become innovators in the wider organizations in which they work. Education is the key to shaping attitudes, skills and culture. It is vital to address Entrepreneurship Education from an early age.

The Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate® goes back to an initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and is offered as a supplementary qualification from grade eight in school. This successful model was recognized by the European Commission in 2006 and the umbrella association of European chambers of commerce Eurochambres in 2011 as a best-practice example of entrepreneurship education.

A reliable standard, online examinations and a certificate recognized at European level caused the dissemination of the  Entrepreneur's Skills Certificate®. Tens of thousands of students are annually ESC® trained and certified  in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.