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Austria's contribution

In August of 2017, the Austrian federal government made the decision to participate in this world exhibition. Former Federal Minister Beatrix Karl was appointed honorary commissioner for EXPO 2020 Dubai and represented Austria externally.

Funding was provided by the Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Why was Austria participating in the EXPO?

Austria’s participation in EXPO 2020 was an important contribution to “nation branding” directed at an international audience. In recent years, the significance of the EXPO has changed and the event has developed into a showcase for the innovations and solutions of the participating countries. Because a highly international audience was expected, Austria’s presence in Dubai had a strong commercial and tourism component.

During the World Expo, our pavilion was competing with more than 190 participating countries and we faced the challenge of presenting Austria in an innovative and creative way. At the same time, EXPO 2020 Dubai offered Austria a platform with broad publicity and media exposure that had attracted considerable attention both at the venue and on an international level.

As a result of our participation, Austria could anticipate a deepening of bilateral relations with the host country and a stronger positioning in the entire region. Presence at the World Expo offered the opportunity to promote Austria’s strong suits to an international audience, such as innovative strength, creativity, research capacities, and high-quality educational offerings. In addition, Austria’s economic strength and attraction as a tourism destination was communicated.


The exhibition area for the Austrian pavilion totals 2,400 m² and was located between Switzerland and China in the Opportunity district: “unlocking the potential within individuals and communities to shape the future”

To finalise project identification, an EU-wide, two-stage realisation competition was announced in which 43 teams from all creative sectors participated. The task encompassed the architecture of the pavilion, the design of the exhibition, as well as the design and integration of the exterior spaces into the exhibition activities. 

An interdisciplinary jury of experts recommended the project “Austria makes sense” under the direction of querkraft architekten.

Austria at Expo 2020

The excellent achievements of our local companies are recognized and demanded globally. 21 Austrian companies have participated in the creation of other country pavilions and thematic pavilions of the host country. Immerse in a virtual Walk of Famefollowing the traces of Austria at Expo 2020. 

EXPO-Büro der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Franz Josefs Kai 27 | 1010 Wien | Österreich

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