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Recovering rare-earth elements

About the Project

Our society produces an enormous amount of electrical waste. Most of it contains valuable resources, such as rare-earth elements, the extraction of which is detrimental to the environment. Single products only contain very small amounts of them, which generally makes mechanical recovery too expensive.  

With the right method, recycling is not only environmentally friendly; it's also profitable. We launched our REEgain project to develop a method for using microorganisms (algae, bacteria and yeast) to extract important resources for our digital future. 

REEgain makes it possible to recover rare-earth elements – essential components of all electronics – using environmentally friendly and sustainable methods. Demand for rare-earth elements is constantly on the rise, which makes recycling methods an essential building block when it comes to using our planet's resources responsibly.

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About us

With over 140 partner universities, over 1,000 partner companies around the world and more than 3,000 students from over 50 countries, IMC FH Krems is one of Austria's most international, most practice-oriented and best connected universities of applied sciences. It offers degree programmes in economics, digitalisation and technology, health sciences, and life sciences.

IMC FH Krems

Partners: The Czech Academy of Sciences in Trebon, Danube University Krems, Karl Landsteiner University and IMC FH Krems serve as research partners for the project. Saubermacher AG, Stark GesmbH and Městská Vodohospodářská s.r.o. serve as strategic partners for the project.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

6 Clean Water and Sanitation
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9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
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12 Responsible Consumption and Production
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