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Tribotecc GmbH

Hydrogen as the energy source of the future

About the Project

We have developed a synthetic metal sulfide to replace expensive, rare platinum, which until now has been essential in the production of hydrogen. Our innovation is a new electrocatalytic material, which is more resistant to catalyst poisons than platinum. The material enables higher current density and makes it possible to build smaller electrolysis systems.  Another advantage is that it allows untreated seawater and freshwater can be electrolysed to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Our innovative development makes hydrogen production less expensive and more eco-friendly. 

In the future, Tribotecc products will be used as catalysts for electrolysis systems in the larger hydrogen sociotechnical ecosystem. Hydrogen produced from surplus sun and wind power is not only an indispensable raw material for industrial processes; it is also a potential energy source of the future. 

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About us

Tribotecc has the world's largest capacity for producing different special metal sulfides. As functional fillers, these metal sulfides can be used wherever wear reduction and performance are key, such as brake pads, lubricants, plastics, and sintered components and as active agents in sorbents, catalysts and batteries.

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Partners: Tribotecc cooperated with Prof. Ulf Apfel, who heads a research group at Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety, and Energy Technology UMSICHT in Oberhausen. Prof. Apfel brought the basic idea to us, and the materials were developed within the context of this partnership.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

7 Affordable and clean Energy
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13 Climate Action
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17 Partnership for the goals
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