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5 Sterne Hotels

Five Star

Exclusive, luxurious fixtures and fittings, refined, high quality and elegant materials with integrated design, hardware in immaculate condition throughout. Architecture, fixtures and fittings, ambience and services offered of international luxury hotel standard.
Perfect service with high staffing levels, quality checked by a mystery guest check.

4 Sterne Hotels

Four Star

First-class fixtures and fittings, generous spaces with qualitatively high and up to date fixtures and fittings, good noise insulation, high level service, hardware in very good condition.

3 Sterne Hotels

Three Star

Refined and uniform fixtures and fittings in the visual field of guests, homely character. Hardware in good condition, good service.

2 Sterne Hotels

Two Star

Functional and comfortable fixture and fittings, besides overnight stay service limited services are offered. The quality of the fixtures and fittings is measured by their functionality and cleanliness, the materials used are of lesser importance.

1 Sterne Hotel

One Star

Simple fixtures and fittings, amenities necessary for a conventional overnight stay at the establishment are very clean and in immaculate condition.

1 Sterne Superior Hotels
2 Sterne Superior Hotels
3 Sterne Superior Hotels
4 Sterne Superior Hotel
5 Sterne Superior Hotels


In all star classes (1 - 5*) there is an additional quality mark - "Superior".

The "S" in each of the star classes denotes "Superior", "service", "subjective perception" and "soft criteria" and defines a clear "extra" in service provision and quality.

In Austria “Superior” is only accessible to “full-blown” hotels.

In order to achieve this addition, for 3*Superior and 4*Superior as well as 5* and 5*Superior an accordingly positive mystery guest check is necessary.