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AIG Newsletter 23 March 2023

Advertising Information Group-Newsletter

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EMFA draft opinion published by IMCO 

The IMCO committee published its draft opinion on 3 March. In the draft text, Rapporteur Geoffroy Didier (EPP) highlighted the EMFA’s aim for media independence and pluralism. The role of online platforms, social media and search engines in how information is delivered to the public, as well as how it affects traditional media, is outlined in the text. The Rapporteur argued that rules need to be in place for the management of content provided by media services on very large online platforms (VLOPs) and search engines. Audience measurement, another important area for IMCO, requires clarification on the obligations placed on VLOPS.


IMCO opinion published on the implementation of the AVMSD  

IMCO’s published itsopinionon the implementation of the AVMSD on 2 March. Rapporteur Marc Angel (S&D) underlined the importance of a thorough implementation process, and expressed concerns on the delays in transposition of the directive into the national laws of EUMS. The Rapporteur also highlighted the importance of the country of origin principle, proper enforcement of existing transparency rules for advertisements and the need for compliance with non-discrimination and consumer protection laws. Delays have caused great concern in the IMCO committee, as they have frustrated attempts for evaluation.


European Parliament’s position on the Data Act is adopted.  

On 14 March, MEPs debated and voted on their report on the proposal to harmonise rules on fair access to, and use, of data. Rapporteur Pillar del Castillo Vera (EPP) stressed that the development of cloud, big data, AI and quantum technologies are inextricably linked to the availability of data. The Rapporteur went on to argue that the Data Act has the potential to create €270 billion additional GDP in the EU by 2028.  

The measures adopted in the plenary session will allow users to access the data generated by the devices they own and use. On B2B relationships, MEPs highlighted the need for these to be based on contractual agreements. Despite the report’s adoption, some issues, such as matters concerning trade secrets, remain topics of discussion and debate among MEPs.  

MEPs adopted the text with 500 votes in favour, 23 against and 110 abstentions. The Parliament will now begin negotiations with the Commission and Council.