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E-Billing Working Group

Focuses on the development and dissemination of electronic billing solutions as well as electronic billing formats. In this context the working group´s agenda includes

  • promotion and roll out of the national XML-billing standard "ebinterface
  • best practise for crossborder e-billing
  • questions relating to the legal, organizational and the technical fundamentals of electronic billing

"Wirtschaftsportalverbund WPV" Working Goup (Austrian Single Window for e-business procedures)

This working groups aims at

  • providing an Austrian system of rules (rule book) for collaborative management of electronic identities eIDs: » Wirtschaftsportalverbund
  • establishing a federation to operate several eID showcases
  • collecting and providing best practices in the field eID

Blockchain Working Group

This working group aims at providing information about benefits and the secure use of blockchain applications, focussing technology issues, the transport logistics sector and certification procedures.

Stand: 14.03.2020

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