Statistical Yearbook

Englischsprachige Fassung des Statistischen Jahrbuches der WKO

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The Statistical Yearbook 2023 of the Austrian Economic Chambers provides an annual overview (published in May) of the most important economic data for Austria with a focus on the trends of the past year as well as from the medium and long term perspective. 

Chapter   1: International Overview
Chapter   2: National Accounts
Chapter   3: Population
Chapter   4: Labour Market
Chapter   5: Income and Wages
Chapter   6: Prices
Chapter   7: Manufacturing
Chapter   8: Construction
Chapter   9: Trade
Chapter 10: Traffic
Chapter 11: Tourism
Chapter 12: Foreign Trade/Balance of Payments
Chapter 13: Public Finances
Chapter 14: Structure of Enterprises
Chapter 15: Chamber Members
Chapter 16: Apprenticeships
Chapter 17: Start-ups of Enterprises

Brochure 2023 - german (PDF: 16 MB)

Brochure 2023 - englisch (PDF: 16 MB)

Stand: 23.05.2023

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