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Austrian Economic Chambers: Our Members

What we represent. Who we are. How we work.

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Every single person who is entitled to operate an independent business venture in crafts and trades, industry, mining, finance, banking and insurance, transport, information and communication, broadcasting, tourism and leisure, as well as other services, is a member of the Federal Economic Chamber under Austrian law. 

At the same time every member is also a member of multiple Economic Chamber organisations. In this way every member belongs to the Regional Chamber of his/her federal province and the relevant Trade Group, as well as the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the relevant Trade Association.

Members are entitled to the representation of their common interests by the Economic Chamber Organisation. Furthermore they are also entitled to have their interests represented directly by district offices (regional offices), Trade Groups, Regional Industry Sectors and Economic Chambers in the federal provinces. 

All members have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate in the Economic Chamber elections. 


Members are obliged to make a contribution (Umlagenzahlung) and to provide any necessary information required by their professional representation in order to do its job.


Member contributions, known as 'Kammerumlagen', are used to finance the 10 Economic Chambers. Basic contributions – 'Grundumlage' – are exclusively used to finance the Trade Organisations (Trade Representatives, Trade Groups and Trade Associations).

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