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Austrian Economic Chambers: Our Structures

How we are structured

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The legal representation of interests for Austrian business is handled by the Economic Chamber Organisation. This consists of:

  • The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (headquartered in Vienna)
  • Nine Regional Chambers in the federal provinces

Industry Sectors

The Federal Economic Chamber and the Regional Chambers are divided into seven Industry Sectors:

  • Crafts and Trades
  • Industry
  • Commerce
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Tourism and Leisure
  • Information and Consulting

These Industry Sectors provide a link between the Trade Organisations found in the sector and the respective Chamber.

Trade Organisations: Trade Groups and Trade Associations

The Industry Sectors are divided into Trade Organisations. In the Regional Chambers these are known as Trade Groups, while in the Federal Economic Chamber they are called Trade Associations. 

Guilds and Boards

In the Regional and Federal Industry Sector “Crafts and Trades”, the Trade Organisations are not usually referred to as Trade Groups or Trade Associations, but are commonly Guilds (e.g. Regional Guild of Bakers). In the Regional and Federal Industry Sector “Commerce”, the Trade Organisations are mostly Boards (e.g. Carinthian Regional Board of Retail with Foods and Beverages). 


In addition to these Industry Sectors, there are Departments in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (headquartered in Vienna) and in the Regional Chambers which are responsible for tasks related to policy, organisation and service provision:  

  • Policy Departments include Departments for education policy, finance and commerce, legal, welfare and healthcare, environment and energy, european policy coordination and economic policy. 
  • The following Departments provide centralised services for members: ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, WIFI, Junior Chamber/Start-Up Service, Women in Business, etc.
  • The main Departments which deal with internal organisation include the finance and accounting, human resources and organisation, and legal affairs departments.
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