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Duties of the representation

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The Federal Association of Sales Agents represents common interests of the Commercial Agents in Austria.

The key competence is the representation of business interests at federal, EU and international levels. Whether it concerns legal matters, collective agreements, business promotions or tax issues.

The nine provincial organisations are directly responsible for the care of their members and for the regional affairs. The direct services to our members are primarily carried out by the local offices.

We provide our members with legal information, the interpretation of legal matters and the assertion of these interpretations in matters of federal importance or which concern a number of federal provinces. The main emphasis is on matters of labour and social law, taxation law, industry and plant law, environmental law and commercial, company and competition law. We introduce contacts of firms, who want to find representatives for their products in Austria, too.

You may also get information on IUCAB | Internationally United Commercial Agents and Brokers.

Stand: 17.02.2020