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Handel mit Mode und Freizeitartikeln, Landesgremium

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Federal Association for the trade with fashion and leisure products

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"Bundesgremium des Handels mit Mode und Freizeitartikeln" - is the representation of over 21.700 companies and sole proprietorships, carrying one or more of the following business licences:

  • trade with textiles and clothing
  • trade with shoes
  • trade with leather
  • trade with sports articles

The Federal Association for the trade with fashion and leisure products is part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber which represents over 400.000 companies all over Austria by legal membership. As the voice of Austrian business, the Chamber is committed to forward-looking policies which benefit the economy e.g. tax relief, cutting red tape, subsidies.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber is not comparable to chambers in other countries because it constitutes – together with the Unions and the Chambers of Labour and Agriculture –the framework of the Austrian Social Partnership, a strong counterpart to the government

The Chamber influences the legislative and administrative processes and has a strong position in taking care of the interests of the whole economy within Austria. It is also the formal Austrian body in charge of supporting the export business: www.advantageaustria.org.

The Federal Association for the trade with fashion and leisure products has 9 regional trade groups (one in each province) which are legally independent bodies. In this way every member belongs to the Regional Chamber of his/her federal province and the relevant Trade Group, as well as the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the relevant Trade Association.

Major decisions are reserved to the Association’s Federal Board (Bundesgremialausschuss) comprising 32 members who are elected for a 5 years term. The last elections took place in March 2020. A number of Working Groups on a variety of subjects exist on regional and federal level.

Stand: 07.12.2022