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About The Charta of Diversity in Austria

Our Mission

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Diversity in business becomes more and more important. Several changes in society form and influence business life in Austria. Migration, equal opportunities, integration and inclusion are alterations that result from demographic change, European unity and from an overall change of values. And consequently pose potentials for businesses and organisations.

The acceptance and the appreciation of diversity is an essential requirement for meeting the demands of the contributors, customers and business associates. The consideration of the diversity of all target groups can lead to an excess of commercial success. This not only opens new markets and promotes loyalty of customer groups but also boosts creativity and motivation. Diversity discloses manifold approaches, only the many talents help us to gain the demanded unity.

With the implementation of the “Charta of Diversity” we pay respect to the diversity within our business. With the signing we avow ourselves to the appreciation of all those that we are associated with – regardless of sex, skin colour, nationality, ethnical origin, religion or world-view, disabilities, age, sexual orientation and identity. Furthermore the encouragement of the diverse potentials also allows evident competitive advantages.

We hereby create a climate of acceptance and of mutual trust. This has positive effects on our reputation for business partners, customers, employees in Austria but also in other countries in the world.

In line with this Charta we will

  1. maintain a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation for diversity. We create requirements that allow realizing these values in the company, sharing and living them. In doing so the management holds a particular responsibility.
  2. review our processes and ensure that they do justice to the many skills and talents of all employees as well as meet our performance expectations.
  3. acknowledge the diversity of society within and outside the company, value the potentials within and furthermore apply all for the benefit of the company and its target groups.
  4. make the implementation of the Charta the issue of the internal and external dialog.
  5. annually communicate internally and externally about our actions and about the progress in promoting diversity and appreciation.
  6. inform our employees about diversity and involve them in its realization.

We stand for: diversity put in practice and its active appreciation having a positive effect on the economy and society in Austria.