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Some of the most active and capable trading companies in the world are found in Austria today. Approximately 5,000 Austrian trading companies of all sizes, some of them highly specialised, move a trade volume of USD 52 bn a year. Many of them act as trading houses for international partners.

A typical Austrian international trading company is small or medium in size and specialises in a particular product or geographic market. It is widely experienced and has a detailed knowledge of its market. Most companies maintain their own office in the target market. It is managed by a committed entrepreneur and has a well-experienced and highly motivated staff that performs with the necessary flexibility.

Our homepage offers you

  • the service of an exclusive database with roughly 1,200 Austrian companies experienced in foreign trade. 
  • the ideal way to establish new markets or expand your existing ones in the EU, in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and overseas. 
  • reliable partners for cost-effective import. 

By means of the Product- and Partner Search you will find your partner for a prosperous business connection.