Ledererzeugende Industrie

The Austrian Leather Producing Industry

Member Companies, Products and Manufacturers

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The Austrian Leather Producing Industry Group is part of the Austrian Association of the Textile, Clothing, Shoe and Leather Industry, which is an independent organisation within the Austrian Economic Chamber. 

The Austrian Leather Producing Industry Group sees itself as

  • an extensive provider of services to their members
  • an advocacy, especially against government and governmental agencies, chambers and unions
  • an representative of the industries’ concerns at European level
  • an ideal discussion forum for member companies and their environment

We invite you to learn more about our member companies and their extensive product range! 

Contact us

Berufsgruppe Ledererzeugende Industrie
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63 | 1045 Wien

Chairman: Mag. Ulrich Schmidt
Group Leader: Barbara Withalm

T +43 0 590900 3453
F +43 0 590900 278 
E schuh-leder@wko.at

Stand: 27.08.2020