16.6.2014: Steuern und Standortattraktivität

James Poterba vom MIT und Martin Feldstein aus Harvard zu Gast bei den Wirtschaftspolitischen Gesprächen

Lesedauer: 1 Minute

Aktualisiert am 14.09.2023

Taxes should be simple, efficient and fair. In reality, taxes affect household and firm behavior on many margins, including labor supply, savings, investment and offshoring. Such tax avoidance tends to reduce welfare and growth, raises the cost of government activity, and undermines redistributive goals. How should the tax system be reformed to arrive at a better trade-off between equity and efficiency?

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  • Christoph Leitl
    President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, WKO

Introductory Remarks

  • Christian Keuschnigg
    Director IHS and University of St. Gallen

Keynote Speakers

  • James Poterba
    MIT and National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Martin Feldstein
    Harvard University and National Bureau of Economic Researc

Moderation of General Discussion

  • Christoph Schneider
    Head of Economic Policy Division of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, WK