17.5.2016: The Future of U.S. Fiscal Policy

Berkeley-Professoren Alan Auerbach und Robert D. Burch zu Gast bei den Wirtschaftspolitischen Gesprächen

Lesedauer: 1 Minute

Aktualisiert am 14.09.2023

In confronting the economic and social problems of fiscal sustainability and inequality, government actions are constrained by increasing globalization and international mobility. This lecture will discuss the underlying challenges and big trade-offs for U.S. fiscal policy and their likely long-term consequences and effects on distribution within and across generations. Will U.S. tax reform achieve simplification, improve incentives and contain inequality? Can the U.S. maintain its growth potential and technological lead? Can the U.S. stem its rising fiscal debt? How is the U.S. federal system dealing with fiscal stress at the state and local levels? Could the outcome of U.S. presidential elections lead to fundamental changes in fiscal and economic policies?

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Welcoming Address

  • Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber 


  • Alan Auerbach, Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law, University of California at Berkeley 


  • Christian Keuschnigg, University of St. Gallen, Head of Economic Policy Center WPZ Vienna 


  • Christoph M. Schneider, Head of Economic Policy Division, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber