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AIG Newsletter 3 May 2022

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EU institutions find political agreement on the Digital Services Act 

On 23 April, the EU institutions reached a political agreement on the DSA, setting out new rules for the accountability of online platforms regarding illegal and harmful content. It aims to provide better protection for internet users and help smaller platforms to scale up with a single set of rules in the internal market. Some of the new relevant measures include: 

  • New obligations for platforms on targeted ads, including bans to target minors and limits on the use of sensitive personal data for targeted advertising. 
  • A mechanism for users to flag content and for platforms to cooperate with 'trusted flaggers'. 
  • The possibility to challenge platforms' content moderation decisions and seek redress, either via an out-of-court dispute mechanism or judicial redress. 
  • Transparency measures for online platforms, including on the algorithms used for recommending content or products to users. 

The DSA text is being finalised at the technical level. Once ready, the agreed text will need to be approved by the EP and the Council. Once completed, the DSA will come into force 20 days after its publication in the EU Official Journal and the rules will start to apply 15 months later or from 1 January 2024, whichever is later.

EP IMCO adopts position on "Path to the Digital Decade"  

In April, the EP’s IMCO Committee and CULT Committee voted on and adopted their opinions on the 2030 Policy Programme “Path to the Digital Decade (found here and here). The Programme aims to ensure that the EU achieves its goals in bringing about a digital transformation of the European economy. It sets out key targets that the EU is expected to achieve by the 2030 deadline, whilst also setting out a governance mechanism involving annual cooperation between EU institutions and Member State authorities. The digital targets are based on four key pillars: 1) digital skills, 2) digital infrastructures, 3) digitalisation of businesses and 4) digitalisation of public services.


EDPS publishes its 2021 Annual Report 

On 20 April, the EDPS published its Annual Report 2021 providing an overview of EU institutions’ compliance with the data protection framework. The report explains the EDPS’ work on a number of areas including international transfers of personal data; on COVID-19; on the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice; on the EDPS’ legislative consultations and technology monitoring activities, among others.


Nutrient profiles: A 'farm to fork' strategy initiative takes shape  

The European Commission plans to submit a proposal to establish 'nutrient profiles', that is, maximum amounts for nutrients such as fat, sugar and/or salt in foods, above which the use of nutrition or health claims would be restricted or forbidden. For example, breakfast cereals exceeding a sugar limit would no longer be able to advertise their fibre or vitamin content.

The Commission was tasked with setting nutrient profiles to restrict the promotion of HFSS food under the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation 2006. Now, in accordance with the action plan accompanying the EU's 'Farm to Fork' strategy, the Commission is expected to submit its proposal by the end of 2022. This will form part of the wider package revising EU legislation on food information supplied to consumers.


AIG Exchange held 28 April

Last week, the AIG met to discuss the latest relevant policy developments in the EU. This included our outreach regarding the DSA and e-Privacy Regulation, in the context of targeted advertising. Konrad recently published an op-ed on EU Reporter to highlight our key concerns. We also discussed the EU’s proposal to revise the Consumer Credit Directive, which seeks to include mandatory information requirements in advertising, and recent actions taken around climate policy. In May, IAB Europe will hold its Interact 2022 conference in Madrid, which includes sessions on sustainability.


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