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Austrian Advertising Association

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Our trade association represents the interests of the Austrian advertising and marketing communication industry which is one of the fastest growing industries in the service sector in Austria. Our members consist of advertising, multimedia and PR agencies, direct marketers, sponsoring and event agencies, market researchers etc. We are operating at national and international level. 

  1. Facts and Figures
  2. Contact
  3. Robinson List / E-Mail / Cold Calling/ Faxes
  4. Education and Advanced Training
  5. International Network 

1. Facts and Figures

The association consists of the following bodies:

The association’s headquarters is situated in Vienna, Austria. Additionally, the regional associations have nine local offices all over Austria in order to provide services in close proximity to members. 

With almost 34,181 members our association is the second largest trade association within the Information and Consulting Division of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Over the last 15 years, the total number of members has quadrupled. Hence, the advertising and marketing communication industry is among the fastest growing branches of the Austrian economy.

Over 67,1 percent of our members are one-man businesses without employees. Nonetheless, the industry accounts 29,163 employed persons.

Our main tasks and activities include:

  • Forming suitable economical and statutory conditions for the advertising industry
  • Information and advisory service to members (including labour law, vocational training, industry-specific legislation and taxation)
  • Economic Promotion and Development as well as Training and Consulting are mainly organised by a specialised department in each region (WIFI Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut)
  • Compiling the Robinson List

We are hard working for:

  • the abolition of Austrian Advertising Tax (advertising agencies have to pay 5 % for domestic advertising services)
  • a fair system in public tendering
  • "Responsible Advertising“ (high ethical standards in advertisements)  

2. Contact

Austrian Advertising Association

Wiedner Hauptstraße 57/III/6
1040 Wien

3. Robinson List / E-Mails / Cold Calling / Faxes

Robinson List

The so-called Robinson List contains name and address of Austrian people and companies who intend to avoid personally addressed mail. It is operated by the Austrian Advertising Association of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

  • The list is being updated at the beginning of every month.
  • Only Austrian address publishers and direct marketing distributors get
    free access to the Robinson list (access is not allowed to the general public). It is a legal requirement to use the Robinson List.
  • To get registered, follow the link.


Sending electronic mail including SMS to any recipients without their consent is prohibited if done for direct marketing purposes.

  • the recipient’s details were collected in the context of a sale
  • the products/services being marketed are similar to those bought by
    the consumer in this sale
  • the consumer clearly and distinctly has been given the opportunity to object, free of charge and in an easy manner, to such use of electronic contact details when they are collected and on the occasion of each message
  • the recipients did not forbid the sending of electronic mails in general before (esp. put down on the legally binding email preference service according to § 174 of E-Commerce Act, see below) Sending electronic mail for direct marketing purposes is never permitted if the identity of the sender is concealed or no authentic address is provided to which the recipient could send a request not to receive such communications in the future. 
  • according to § 174 TKG 2021 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act based on E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC)
  • according to the E-Commerce Act, only service providers (broad definition) are obliged to comply with the list
  • to access the email preference service list, please visit www.rtr.at/ecg
  • for more information, please visit  http://www.rtr.at/   According to Article 174 of the Telecommunication Act 2021

Cold Calling /Faxes

Cold calling for commercial purposes is not allowed without the prior consent of the subscriber in Austria. According to article 174 TKG 2021  of the Telecommunication Act, unsolicited fax communication for commercial purposes is not allowed without the prior consent of the subscriber in Austria.  

Consumers contact:

Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs - GmbH

Mariahilfer Straße 77-79
1060 Wien

4. Education and Advanced Training

A high level in education is the key for the future. Therefore we support education for young people who are interested in the advertising and marketing communication industry as well as we offer advanced training for current staff. We are also in permanent contact with universities, colleges and specialised departments (WIFI-Akademien).

5. International Network

Being part of a global network is essential - especially in these days. We are an active member of AIG (Advertising Information Group) and EASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance).

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